Tanzania carnivore list

The list below provides the most up-to-date information on which species of carnivore we believe are found in Tanzania today. Naturalists are continually finding new species, both to science and for the country of Tanzania, so it is likely that this list will increase as more areas are surveyed in detail. On the other hand, Tanzania has also lost a large mammal species, namely the Uganda kob (Kobus kob), which used to inhabit the eastern shores of Lake Victoria until the 1970’s but which now appears to have been driven extinct in the country. Hopefully the conservation management plans drawn up at the conclusion of this Project, with the assistance of your data, will help prevent further extinctions amongst Tanzania’s mammals.


Side striped jackal

Golden jackal

Black backed jackal

Wild dog

Bat eared fox


African clawless otter

Spotted necked otter


Honey badger

Striped weasel

Civets and Genets

African civet

Common genet

Servaline genet

Large spotted genet

Miombo genet


Marsh mongoose

Bushy tailed mongoose

Dwarf mongoose

Egyptian mongoose

Slender mongoose

White tailed mongoose

Banded mongoose

Mellers mongoose


Spotted hyaena

Striped hyaena






Wild cat



The nomenclature for a number of these species is presently under debate and the Latin names are not consistent in the literature. We have followed the classification used in Mammal Species of the World by Wilson and Reeder (1993). In cases where the common name or the Latin name is likely to be different in commonly used mammal field guides, we have recorded both names, and given the second name the prefix ‘syn’ for pseudonym.

As you will notice, we are missing pictures for a number of species. If you have reasonably good photographs that would suit identification purposes and would be happy to share them with us, please let us know. You can send to us pictures (size 640x480 at 72 dpi) with your name for copyright use to .