Cheetah Friendly Watching

Watching cheetahOf all the large cats, cheetahs are the most vulnerable to disturbance, because they hunt during the day and are often shy. Even if you are lucky enough to find a cheetah which is relatively tame, bear in mind that if it is hunting, the prey which it seeks can easily be alerted to a cheetah by the presence of a large noisy vehicle close by. However if you follow a few simple rules you may be rewarded with seeing a cheetah hunt - possibly one of the most dramatic spectacles in the natural world.

  1. Never drive directly at cheetahs. Approach slowly at an angle or in a zig-zag fashion.
  2. Pause frequently as you approach and observe through binoculars. Make sure you do not drive into the middle of a cheetah group by accident and scare cubs from their mother. Remember that cheetahs scared off of kills are unlikely to return.
  3. Always keep quiet in the vicinity of cheetahs. Bear in mind that even if a cheetah appears relaxed you may still be having an effect. Cheetahs are sensible, they will not hunt if prey are alert because of noise and disruption.
  4. Do not move a vehicle if a cheetah is stalking. Starting up an engine alerts prey, making them more likely to spot a stalking cheetah.

If you see harassment of cheetahs by other visitors then please note the number plate of the vehicle and report them to parks staff.