Wild Dog Friendly Watching

Watching wild dogsWe hope you are lucky enough to see wild dogs during your stay in Tanzania. If you do, then please help them by making use of wild dog friendly watching practices. The national parks and game reserves in Tanzania are a sanctuary for the wild dog, where they should be free of persecution at all times.

Wild dogs are fascinating to watch. Because they are very social, individuals communicate with other members of the pack constantly, through sound, smell and body language. However, when watching them, please ensure you keep your impact on them to a minimum through a few simple rules:

  1. Never drive directly at wild dogs. Approach slowly at an angle or in a zig-zag fashion.
  2. Pause frequently as you approach and observe through binoculars. Make sure you do not drive into the middle of a pack by accident, separating members of the pack from each other.
  3. Always keep quiet in the vicinity of wild dogs and try to keep vehicle movements to a minimum. Wild dogs need their rest time.
  4. Be very careful when driving through areas with wild dogs and keep to the speed limits. Many wild dogs die on roads - killed by people driving too fast.

If you see harassment of wild dogs by other visitors then please note the number plate of the vehicle and report them to parks or game reserve staff.